CoinPM News — 1st May

In this episode:
– Donate to UNICEF by mining cryptocurrency with your web-browser

– Bitfinex has added Stellar and Verge to its platform

– Trend Micro warn of cryptocurrency virus spreading through Facebook

– SBI to officially release cryptocurrency exchange in Q3

– Bitcoin down 3% in the past 24h

*You can follow the steps below to mine cryptocurrency with your web-browser in support of 400,000+ Rohingya children. A campaign organised by UNICEF.

Step 1: Make sure your Ad-Blocker (if you use one) is off and enter the website set by UNICEF —

Step 2: Press “Start Donating”

Step 3: Select “Allow for this session”

Step 4: Indicate the amount of power you would like to allocate.

Step 4.1: anywhere between 25–35% shouldn’t result in a significant loss on your computer’s performance. If you are leaving your web-browser to mine overnight, you can select a higher percentage. The higher allocation of power the more cryptocurrency you will be able to mine.

Step 5: Press Confirm. Once this is done, you will be able to see in the top right corner the “hashes per second” you mine with. It is needless to say that the higher the number the more you will donate.

Tip: You can restart your computer prior to taking the above steps to guarantee best performance.

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